Register Business

Welcome to the Business Registration page

What do we need from you?

When registering with iShuk, we will need three important things:

1. Basic documentation for security purposes.

2. Two references for your business.

3. Your iShuk offering

We have tried to keep this section as simple as possible, however, it is crucial information, so kindly pay careful attention.

BASIC DOCUMENTATION: You will be asked the following on the site:

1. ID number of the business owner 

2. Business registration number if not a sole trader 

3. Your banking payment details including bank account, branch number and bank name.

REFERENCES: We need two references for your business. I.E:

1. Recent customers or suppliers which you work with, or any other people that interact with your business.

2. They must be willing to verify some very basic information about your business.

iShuk Offering: In order to get customers to purchase a voucher from your business, we need to give them an incentive to do so. This can range for example from a discount on an item, a lesser charge for your time, or a free item with every voucher. Below are some ideas that might work for your business. We encourage you to think about what would work for your customers and your business. I.E:

1. I charge R400 for every hour of legal advice, with this voucher I will charge R350 for every hour.

2. For every voucher purchased over XXX Value, I will give one free ice cream

3. If you purchase XXX amount of exercise classes per month, at R300 per class, you will get 3 free classes.

4. For every 3 shirts you buy at R100, you will get 50% off the next one.

That’s all!

If you would like to be part of this uplifting programme, please continue to follow the steps for Business Registration.

Please note that this is a free platform offered by the South African Zionist Federation. The SAZF does not get involved with the transaction, nor does it handle any money in the transfer. Please carefully read the disclaimer during the registration process.
If you would like to discuss any part of the process please contact Beauty on