Q: What is iShuk?

A: iShuk is a community initiative to help small businesses during the Corona crisis by allowing community members to buy vouchers for their products and services and redeem them later. 

Q: Is there a charge to use this system?

A: No this system is free to use for customers and businesses

Q: Why should  my business join iShuk?

A: iShuk will give you the opportunity to get to your customers whilst the community is on lock down and increase cash flow. 

Q: Why should I buy from a business on iShuk?

A: Businesses on iShuk will be offering discounts on their products and services for the vouchers that customers will be buying.

Q: Who runs iShuk?

A: iShuk is run by the South African Zioninst Federation and built by Milan Media

Q: Do you have credit card facilities to make payments?

A: No all payments are done on EFT

Q: How do you redeem a voucher?

A: When you order a voucher you will receive an email with an iShuk order number and bank account details . Please make payment in the bank account and use the iShuk order number as a reference and send a proof of payment. You will then take your email and proof payment to the business when within the next 12 months to redeem it. 

Q: What happens if the business closes before I can redeem my money?

A: In the unfortunate event that this happens you will lose your money. 

Q: Is there a verification process for businesses that want to make use of iShuk

A: Yes there is, companies have to submit documents and references

Q: Are there any other terms and conditions to using iShuk

A: Please see terms and conditions below

Terms and Conditions Apply